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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  February 4, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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♪ double malchow. neil: now we know that it is bigger than what we thought. the security breach at target is more widespread than reported by target. this hearing has the rest of the nation fuming. >> it resulted from a criminal attack on our system. >> amount where was exceedingly sophisticated. >> the customer information of the transactions of 77 over 85
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stories you on the senate judiciary committee trying to understand how all of these vital customer information records could get stolen. target come as you can see, was not alone. is a 20 of other companies got caught up as well. including in the market. and who knows how many more. it's easy to play monday morning quarter bak. and do these politicians not miss the opportunity. >> we need to do something more graphic. >> let's see how the government can partner with private business. >> losses actually have increased at a greater pace than that we need to get to the bottom of these breaches. >> congress needs to act. >> themerican retailing industry and its failure to protect.
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>> what worries me is that these are going to have use the hack attacks it suggests that are hacks willo too far following this cracking down of the cyberthieves. collecting millions of american phone records and tax againand they get paranoid all over again. just because the government can. that is what really worries me about this hearing and the hearings to come. they are about targeting eyes. and in the name of protecting us, once again snooping on us. i hope that i'm wrong, but i fear that i am not. the same reality is that these breaches have been despite all of the these security members that are very much in place. these hackers who compromised
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millions of credit a debit cards and so many others and to get even crazier and i am not alone because the judges worried even more. >> i was terrified when i heard senator chuck grassley who is a friend of mine and a conservative republican with even some libertarian leanis saying that he is looking for a government private industry partnership. we know that from what the nsa had gone to all of the telecoms and the computers. that government dominates and private industry works at the government's behest for no money at all or very low wages or the government is the one that benefits from this in the private industry. as he pointed out so eloquently a few moments ago, the nsa sees
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all of our text messages and e-mails and all of our phone calls are in all of our phone bills. all of our utility bills are in all of our bank accounts. these creeps can still happen. so what is the government going to do to protect us? who has the real incentive to otect us? someone who can't be sued when th fail at the government? a this has happened. we have all of these supposedly safeguards in place and it makes you think that they might seize upon this as an excuse to double down. >> you and i and everyone watching this right now live in the most surveillance of anyone has ever known in the western world. this is more than the kgb in the soviet union and more than that.
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it is more than this the surveillance that they have perpetrated on unon-it's inconceivable that more surveillance is possible, let alone would even stop this kind of a hack attack. these industries and retailers make a higher sum for young people that know how to install firewalls to prevent the hikers from getting it and then they will put another firewall in there as well. >> you are right about that. republicans and democrats alike were almost reading from the same book today. >> people in the government, and this unfortunately it affects republicans as well as democrats, have this believe that they have to look like they are doing something. they have to regulate or tax or control. because of a sit back and let free enterprise of what is the problem of free enterprise committee can go home and host of the voters in a look at what we do.
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so when is the last time you heard a politician say something like that. neil: that's a very good point. [laughter] judge napolitano, let's say that we don't want to spy on the whole nation. how do we go after the really bad guys snooping on us. anyway, the former fbi cyberdirector joins us. so steve, over to you first. what can be done short of wholesale giving over of privacy? >> well, target came out strong. they try to accomplish three things, which they did. they are apologizing to customers. they want to get back consumer confidence the second thing is that they wanted to make sure that when they did that they told the customers that we actually have
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had a lot of cybersecurity and keep in mind that target had actually been certified as compliant with payment card industry data security standard and i could tl you about him security regimes. but the third thing they sent those to your question that they want to read the cyberinitiatives fom the security. one of the things that they are talking about is the credit card devices but elves and how to end encryption and the potential for these high private and pblic partnerships that are not all bad and don't all include the nsa. but let me just give you one point. we have 50 states that have the own data breach reporting loss. so when a company loses customer information, it is ending it everywhere. and where they can't get one national law so that data could be analyzed together and we'll
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chat-based chip-based technology coming openness and it makes it more expensive to produce and how. but if we can be weaned off from this fine thing, all the better. >> that is actually correct when you talk about this what we see with the most recent breaches, you pay now or you pay a lot later. and that is where we are being a lot of the pay a lot later thing. also at the issue of people. particularly large companies have very well-trained chief information security officers and it's never elevated to make these decisions. so the security people know if
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the technology has been fundamentally flawed. they know that more information gets stored than it should. but they can't do more to get much done. neil: when you talk to friends and family members, you're probably a first person that they go to to get advice on how they can avoid getting hacked. so what do you tell them? >> well, i use the internet all the time for computer transactions and the good thing about being a regular consumer is that your bank will reimburse you and that's not the case or company is under bank regulation loss. and so in terms of home security you have to patch your system you have to make sure to updated and upgraded. but if you are out there going to websites that are untrustworthy, you have a problem. if you are reading e-mails from others, you can end up having
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this on the syem and you have to be careful. the biggest point i think anyone has read your credit card statements. read your bank statements. make sure that there are no charges or withdrawals that you are not familiar with. neil: what about you? >> it's interesting when you look at how this thing evolves. even the past couple of days the uk national health service was reportedly hacked. not only hacked so it's very difficult to tell people what to do and not what to do. the other thing is that the judge was talking about to congress, it i this will create it as a more surveillance society that we have. we have proposed to congress back in 2011 enhanced support for the fbi and secret service and also to bring up the criminization because that is what it is ultimately. a criminal act to accelerate the sort of penalties from criminal activity from organized crime,
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which is alsohathis is. >> i was worried about them going too far. so thank you both very much. >> thank you. neil: bonuses at the irs and a scandal at the irs. newsflash. these guys are doing it with our money. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back
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oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ neil: how can i explain this. it is like me telling you to eat a salad. the government lecturing companies about handing out bonuses they do not deserve her then turning around and handing out bonuses at the irs. it's happening and it's now. it is happening asn investigation targeting conservatives is continuing. it is not over by a long shot. the shareholders money, uncle sam is feeling generous with taxpayers money. that would eat our money. and at least some bankers are cautious about this. whether it is the shareholders money or not. this berkeley ceo says the bank had a very tough year.
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they are both going out of their man's. to talk about a double standard? >> yes, the message here is something that we get. stick it to the military, stick it to the millennialist that pay off the debt for this. and stick it to the taxpayers. if you will, targeted and the enemies of this administration, you get a performance bonus. >> is ludicrous. they should not have been getting bonuses in the first place. how can government workers get bonuses when bonuses are really for efficiencies. since when do government workers do that? and yet the government goes after the banks who are feeding this country from a business standpoint. jamie dimon has done more for the business in this country than any government employee
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will do anything. neil: by the way, $18.5 million in restricted stock. so leaving that aside, it is interesng that wetalk about this performance. i don't think the activities speak to the entire organization. but it is what it is in an environment like that. and that is the reality in much of the rporate world. so the double standard is glaring here. >> i don't know that it's glaring. you take the psychology of this. and it is completely and utterly insane at this ppoint. an institution like the rss had so much publicity for their unlawful behavior to give performance bonuses that are based on good behavior. this comes back to this
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administration's willingness to reward their friends and punish their enemies. there is no reprisal for behaving badly as long as you are on their side. that is where the total hypocrisy comes in truly e mental insanity of this entire situation. i was in military town in san diego and they need money for training. sequester has hurt them badly. so how do they raonalize the bonuses for the irs employees while we have military families hurting. neil: you could make the argument that with good divisional managers and various departments, you might be questioning the numbers as well. i want to keep them and reward them. i want to give every benefit of the doubt to the irs. but is that a possibility? >> there's no possibility in terms of going on. bonuses are about efficiencies spewer must say i work for yu
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and you would be a horrible boss. but if you did, and i'm doing a great job for you, i might expect no matter what is going on that joe should acknowledge that i have help the bank. >> we acknowledge that in pay raises or what might be. the bonuses are really contingently have levels that you must meet to get a bonus. so what happens is if the organization does not do well, the individual that might've done while get rewarded in other ways. but the organization hasn't meet a certain level. neil: okay, these nasty questions about the erez were provided to me about the staff. okay, made a. maybe they should call it the not so affordable health care
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act. and that is the united states federal reserve reporting that. even after the president was denying that. >> is they said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. there's no widespread evidence of informal care act has hurt [announcer] welcome to the all-new intuituickbooks. run your ente business with it. get paid howeverou want with it. get real work done wherever with it. make all your numbers play nicely with it. say "buh-bye" to theld way with it. run yroll with your finger with it. scan receipts with it. sync this stuff with that stuff and that stuff, with it. maintain your sanity with it. this is yourusiness on the all-new quickbooks. run with it. there's nothing like being yr own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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>> this film is not only about the health care of america but about jobs. in this life it will createfor s almost immediately. neil: not quite. was it really worth all of that cash? this new health care law costs reporting that in every region the story is pretty much the
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same. hurting the jobs market and some more inclined to fire. the cost of covering the workers is s far out of hand that bosses are giving more than the root or reducing them to part-time work. julie says that we are way overstating things. okay, so here we are. the federal reserve. >> is that the federal reserve? >> you have a region by region where you have a lot of this deal is reporting right now that it is giving umpires. >> 95% of the companies subject to obamacare, so this is off the table for them. neil: and then the employer mandate kicks in and everyone has to be on th same page. >> not for a mandate.
11:24 pm
neil: our company will have to provide everything that the federal law requires them to. they might or might not keep me on their we. and i'm just saying that all rules change. >> whatever issues that you have, mr. murdoch has talked out this as well. the new scores and the other companies will keep you on the health care because it is an amenity of working here. >> 95% of them are the same and the fact that they have shown not only obamacare actually helps the job market that it allows people to move from one job to another without having to worry about keeping their health care. it helps the flow of capital and jobs. >> i have opposite ideas and we did a recent survey with all small business customers and 60% said they cannot comply.
11:25 pm
>> they are not part of the 95%? >> no. that small business owners, here is the reality. if you look at my health care, every single plan that i had as a small business owner has changed completely, going up 25%. i'm thinking about this no different than any other small business owner in the maretplac neil: will it cost you more? >> yes, it will. what happened in the affordable care act is that they put more things on the health care burden. more things that were not covered before and that is going to increase the cost of health care. so where will that go? people wind up spending more money on health care. neil: the issue at is that if you know your costs are going up, businesses are less inclined to hire full-time workers. if that is the case, and this ves them cause it means that you lose a lot of jobs.
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>> this is going on a predicate that is giving umpires. i'm a small business, my insurance premiums have actually dropped and i am one example. and nevertheless i am friends with obama. neil: he took care of you. okay,. >> let's look at one of the largest labor unions. obamacare is great, they are they're all behind it. in just a few months ago they actually wrote a mandate that said that we completely disagree with the premise of obamacare and the affordable care act. >> i don't think it was a small provision. neil: so the question is about the jobs and whether or not the end of going forward. >> the deficit wilgo down drastically. neil: you think the deficit goes down? >> it's not what i think. >> we haven't benefited from the stock market rge. >> the congressional budget office is not controlled by
11:27 pm
barack obama but as much by john boehner as harry reid. neil: they also referred to the boom in the stock market as well. so which is more? >> it's are specifically refer to this and obamacare will save the day? >> money that is going to insurance companies could've gone to give people raises. neil: well, maybe they should just be calling him this emerging markets because nothing is emerging about them. do not assume for a second it is not getting us there. it has and it is and it well. ♪
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♪come fill me again neil: here comes the snow again. brutal cold and snow expected for much of the leading up to what could be eight doozy of a
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blizzard for upwards of the country this weekend and they could coincide with a different series of storms across the globe during the same time. financial storms hitting more and more emerging markets like india and south africa and turkey. spilling over to china and who knows where else. it is on his way here. over to standards that. this is getting kind of scary. >> estimates getting really scary. the index of japan is down 14% from its the number igher. working its way to the bear market territory. >> 20% or more, the global stock market is in great turmoil right now. when we look at the selloff, it pales in comparison to what is happening overseas. so investors are running for the exits.
11:32 pm
$2.9 trillion with the global equities markets. so you're seeing investors very much scared right now to . neil: i've heard that figure before. i'm wondering where is that money going if they are pullng it out of global markets, stock markets. it has to be on something. it has to go somewhere. money tapers and emerging markets those down. it's as simple as that money is coming out of the market and it appears to be going to the sidelines at this point. neil: so it is off to this up to 14%. okay, soplay this out. moore gets caught up? >> yes. wn 9% this year. look at what happened in
11:33 pm
interest rates, raising it substantially to try to stop the downward spiral in their currency and it did not work. neil: it never dies. the knee-jerk reaction is raising the interest rates. >> not in this environment. where global markets got used o the federal reserv pumping $85 million or whatever into the system and now they are taking th away. global markets are looking at possibly higher interest rate. they are looking at the reoccurrence the environment. so they are looking at what could be very tagnant growth and basically everyone was linking on that. 7.8% growth in the last quarter, that is nowhere near we were at. neil: okay come in the issue then becomes is this not a
11:34 pm
healthy development. if we have to start the weaning ourselves from this and now we are down to $65 million per month and eventually it goes lower than that if that is the case. isn't that a healthy thing and it's going to have disruptions and long-term whatever you want to put it is part of the good? >> yes, we have had horrible monetary yoga last five years and there is always going to be a payday on it for that. and it happened around the world and it spilled over to our markets. it is overvalued in my view and we don't have the mental that we have had in the past. businesses down business is down, the only thing that is of is welfare recipients if you add to that on a previous tory, obamacare is going to million jobs over the next three or four years. we really don't have the
11:35 pm
fundamentals and so we may be fighting here for a wild. >> okay now we have asked the question how far this goes. are people worried? >> i just talked to mike jones the chief strategist there but a lot of people talk about the hedge fund portfolios and he is said that there is a five to 7% in the u.s. equities market. so then the china story is not coming to fruition. and that doesn't put us into a bear market territory. and that means that investors
11:36 pm
have to weather this selloff from hearing his words come perforation. neil: center, thank you so much. governor chris christie is back dending himself and a series of attacks on his critics have revealed his true self or it is the bully back? the bully back? we will have that [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs,
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>> if you would like to conduct a respectful conversation i'm happy to do it. if not, please sit down and i would answer the next question two if you want to examine the medical history, there's a lot of things that we should consider. >> get the heck off the beach. >> you want to hear the answer or no? do you want to hear the answer or don't you? neil: i wonder where the thailand. apparently he is back.
11:40 pm
chris christie back to being very much in your face. a 700 word e-mail, exhibiting some of thoseevery familiar bullying tactic. former port authority chief david waldstein talking about questionable ethics going to ask when we were in high school. the governor said he is just defending himself great but is he really hurting himself? and he's not helping his fundaising. >> we've gotten a lot of heat and you raise money on your brand. right now it is in trouble. his brand is in trouble he's using some bullying attack it'sw
11:41 pm
that he says he's defending himself and we all understand that. as a national fundraiser you are asked me about this. and it would go so far as to say that i wouldn't raise money during this time. you have to think that in some recent polls chris christie was the only guy that the gop had on our side and this would give hillary clinton a run for her money. if you have somebody who can raise money. neil: i kid f agree with that. that the last ing you want to do is exhibit this type of behaviors that critics say could have been in play with this bridge closing. but to then go back and say that he is saying port authority
11:42 pm
staff when he was a teenager in high school i think you have gone too far. and i just think it makes you look like that. >> you are right. telling him to sit down and shut up. we love that in chris christie for taking up with the little guy. but in this case, these type of tactics, which i personally believe as well. i don't think he's guilty of it at all, but this is how he handles things and right now this is not the best way to handle things. so i think it will affect him with fund-raising. and whoever will be the gop and we don't really have time for this scandal to keep on going. so hopefully this thing will clear out the right now if i
11:43 pm
were on chris christie's team i wouldn't be raising money right now for him. neil: he is kryptonite right now. it s always a pleasure, thank you so much. >> than you. neil: if you don't have that letter from me, how about a nice long to me. the post office coming up next. [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor, crestor got more gh-risk patient bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. way to go, crestor! yh! tting to goa is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors. because you could be at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. so, when diet a exercise aren't engh to lower cholterol, adding crestor can help. go, crestor!
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neil: so maybe all this of this time the u.s. postal service has had it all wrong. making and stuffing mailboxes is
11:47 pm
not. the post office once a number of financial services with small-scale loans and is expecting there is money in it. let's go over to dan mitchell because we are all going to lose money on this even faster. >> helping lower income people get banking services, the problem is not getting the post office involved that so many regulations affecting the money laundering laws that make it prohibitively expensive to lower income people. so yes, there is a problem and the idea is the inefficient bureaucracies if anything we should be shrinking the postal
11:48 pm
service and privatizing it like a lot of other countries and not giving them these big new powers. neil: i would think the post offi gets a bad rap. but i think that they are obliged by federal law to deliver mail everywhere in the outskirts and you name it. i was an trans am wondering if we were giving him this and what is wrong with them trying to tackle the market that might make the money. >> if they are tapping into a market by using government provided benefits, then in effect it is one of the reasons and especially engaging on this
11:49 pm
between ups and fedex situation. without the postal service and i don't think that we understand if we had the genuine competition and free the postal service from the restrictions put on them byhe politicians, we would get better service for customers and we then could allow the postal service without the benefit of the government created distortions. >> we certainly have a network of officers. and having said that there has be something that they can deal with their structure.
11:50 pm
but they've got a very good inherent base of this if you think about it. and obviously sending snil mail back and forth. >> you're exactly right. i'm willing to let them get in out of the public trust. and most people at the postal service are good people and i imagine a genuine private sector environment. with postal management that could wind up experimenting with new things in the same way that we have seen wal-mart and target intested in engaging the banking service in the postal service could do it as well. but don't mix government and business together. all of the news of the about obamacare is the evidence that you should ever need that we don't want to expand this and the economy.
11:51 pm
neil: it is always good going on. >> what we are talking about is the perfect product name and grand theft auto is stealing money. ♪ double mocha. >> enough. >> enough. drive off. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebratevery win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts.
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♪ ♪ double mocha well, okay. time for dinner.
11:55 pm
and tonight business blitz. grand theft auto, maybe country and usually popular. how popular? 32.5 million copies of grand theft auto sold worldwide as of december 31. and this is the latest quarter profitable. >> this is the trouble with it as well. grand theft auto four came out back in 2008. and we can't wait five years. and violent cells but not enough. neil: what he may come back? at heir best days might be behind it?
11:56 pm
>> that might be true. and the little bit to come out befo and it is really not available for those with a little bit o interesting decisions. but the sale certainly speak for themselves whether they are downgraded or not. making money hd over fist. the other thing is that i would say that the people buying those beams. the average age is 30 years old. the paren buying the game and not the kids. >> okay, i can picture some 45-year-old guy doing this. it just freaks me out. but that sets it up. so it's very cle that those who have the violent understa what the young and older players want and they make a lot of money. >> it's not just some video games budded entertainment of all forms. so when you talk to people i the videogame industry ty say that we see the point but it is not fair.
11:57 pm
>> so i guess that that is what they are saying that it's not really going to take off. >> yes, i mean, that game is ultraviolent if you have ever played at. if you think about quentin tarantino or someone like that, i don't know how i can get any more violent than what it already is. neil: apparently they can kill were set you up for a heart attack. too much sugar in your stomach can do a wonder undertaker, which makes me think that the companies that make all of the sweet stuff start looking thicker. who wins and who loses? >> it should be that way. unfortunately i think in this country it doesn't seem like people care. they're willing to eat unhealthy and they don't really get bothered riot.
11:58 pm
so my concern is that maybe this will keep going up because people keep buying it, things that taste good whether it's healthy or not. neil: there is something to it because i think that this can build a crescendo. people positing and saying okay, maybe i should check this out. >> this is a real link between sugar and heart disease. maybe it will raise awareness for some people. but if you look at the healthier option like gluten-free, i tried it for three months earlier last year and didn't see any results. and i was starting to read the labels on many products. things that are healthier that you think are healthier have more sugar. >> definitely with vegetles and fruits. ♪ ♪ neil: that great song means it's time for a nightcap.
11:59 pm
>> us know in the economy. privatea will come out tomorrow morning. construction, retail, you name it, use the same slowdown. >> they missed by 150,000 and they talked a talked about it in those numbers can't be trusted. so it will be really interesting to see. and you can't really gauge how we are expanding.
12:00 am
neil: all right, i want to thank you and i hope that the whole world is running on this. especially in the snow free cd. ♪ ♪ >> hopefully you are dancing like a fat baby tonight because here we are with skinny babies in this world and the curses of our overflowing appetite. the chronic obesity rates in children are all well and good until it's colorblind. so is this true? are we living in an era where there is to a quality and size and sex rematch or are we just fooling ourselves? we will get to the video with a full-blown war and whether or not federal government killed phillip seymour hoffman.


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